{DK} has been gaming as a clan since 1999. We take great pride in our sense of community and our members are some of the nicest people you will ever meet online. Our members are a bit older (Some of them really old eh Yoda?) and most have families, but we still cut loose.
Our members number over 100 past and present. We have had our members compete in tournaments and have been the home to some of the higest ranked players in the world in a number of games.
We support any and all games as a community. If you play a game that we do not, someone will almost always be interested in checking the game out. We have had quite a few games take off because a member brought them to our attention so don't be shy.
We are always looking for new members! we have a New Blood forum just for that, so drop us a line there if you want to become a full member.
Visit our forums and introduce yourself. We have a ton of forums and people are always talking.
Our community consists of serious and casual gamers. We are a no pressure clan and if you just want to hang out and are not a serious gamer, but think you can contribute to the community we have built, feel free to come around as often as you wish.

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